Smart TV & Sound systems

As a Television installation company, this is a major part of the work we conduct.  We can either supply a new Smart TV of your choice for you or we can install one that you have already bought.  We can can supply the bracketry for the new TV, either flat panel or swivel if the TV needs to fit into a corner.

As technology has progressed, gone are the days that you would have a box TV sitting on a TV cabinet. The modern way is flat to the wall with no unsightly cable or devices showing, looking sleek and minimalist without fuss in each room.

Our expert installers achieve this on every install but we understand each client has different needs. We listen and advise the best course of action for every client.

At first, we listen to your requirements with a quick phone conversation or sight survey. Then provide the plan of action to suit your needs for each area that needs a television and sound system installing.

We understand that Smart TV’s are like cars.  Clients get used to a make or model and don’t particularly want to change for fear of not understanding how to use it correctly.  Our trained professionals explaining in depth the functions available and if a client gets stuck, we are always available on call to try and help resolve a problem.

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